Inflight Broadband Connectivity

XstreamSAT is FTS’ self-developed Inflight Connectivity Solution that supports Ku/Ka-band HTS Satcom communications between aircraft and ground.  Apart from offering passenger broadband internet access, airlines the Aircraft-Ground real time connections can greatly enhance flight operations digitalization, efficiency, safety and data analytics.   


Cabin Wideband Satcom Unit

  • High Performance ARINC 791 MODMAN (Modem Manager)
  • Support next-generation Ku/Ka satellite networks
  • Compact Size: 4MCU
  • Lightweight: Weighs only 6kg
  • Support seamless beam switching technology
  • Support openAMIP protocol and various antenna subsystems
  • DO-160G Certified
  • EASA and FAA STC approved

Ka-band Satellite Antenna 

  • Superior antenna efficiency and performance
  • Fuselage-mounted and supports Ka-HTS satellites
  • Compliant with ARINC-791
  • Qualified to DO-160G
  • Comes with KRFU and KANDU
  • FAA STC approved
  • Other antenna configurations available on request