SINGAPORE, 27 October 2016 – FTS is proud to announce today that their Cabin Wireless Solution is selected by another undisclosed airline customer from Southeast Asia (SEA). This is FTS’ second win in the same month, hot-on-the-heels of its breakthrough win in North America. This shows FTS’ products and services gaining traction with the airlines.

FTS is a relatively new player in the inflight entertainment market. Though new, FTS has assembled a strong team with immense experience in the IFEC and aviation industry.

“FTS is not your average IFEC vendor,” said Darrel Chua, General Manager of FTS in Singapore. “We are partners to the airlines. We are confident that our business models will help airlines maximize revenue generation potential and these strategies will revolutionize the IFEC industry.”

FTS Cabin Wireless Solution is riding on the global trend of high smartphones and tablets penetration. With a simple hardware installation of a server, a cellular data unit and wireless access points, passengers will be able to connect to the WiFi onboard and get instant access to entertainment, information and services streamed wirelessly to their personal electronic devices. At the backend, FTS has a ready team to work with airlines to identify and maximize the ancillary revenue generation as well as providing analytics on passengers’ viewing patterns and habits.

The new Cabin Wireless Solutions is to be installed on the airlines’ mix fleet of A319 and A320 with EASA STC (Supplemental Type Certification) expected to be issued by December 2016.